We develop responsive website which is compatible in all devices such as desktop, laptop, tab, mobile.



We build apps on books, business, catalogs, education, entertainment, finance, food and drink, etc.



We have reduced the complexities of involving huge lines of codes and writing high quality software solutions.



We highly recommend responsive web design which makes sure your web content is being scaled perfectly.



WordPress is the most popular blogging tool and content management system. It is opensource too.



We at ZREDI build and develop custom ecommerce solutions for every kind of products,

We make it easy to connect with users on every platform

ZREDI breaks new ground! We want to improve the quality of life and work for people, in and around the company through innovative ideas. All together - employees, owners, partners and customers - shape the future through their dedication, enthusiasm and creativity. On our way to long-term, sustainable success, this gives us the opportunity to initiate fundamental changes over and over again, thus breaking new ground.


Who Are We?

We are ZREDI !!

At ZREDI, we believe that innovation plays a major role in addressing social challenges. Therefore, we love to give space and provide a platform for new ideas. We motivate our professionals towards working on a long-term process of searching, experimenting, learning and researching. We urge to be a niche platform for Innovators, both internal and external, helping them explore their ideas with us so that an agile solution can be researched and developed to address complex business challenges. Our employees are our greatest asset. Therefore we make sure that they feel comfortable at ZREDI and support us with their energy, creativity and competence on our common way to the top.

  • CUSTOMER ORIENTATION - people are the focus!90%
  • INNOVATION - always one step ahead!85%
  • PERFORMANCE - we can do more!90%

Our Work Process!


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